Welcome to the Applied and Random Topology (ART) Seminar

The purpose of the seminar is to present topics that are related to mathematical Topolgy, but in a more applied context (e.g. probability, combinatorics, statistics, engineering).

The seminar is organized by Robert Adler (EE), Omer Bobrowski (EE), Ron Rosenthal (Math), and Gugan Thoppe (EE). If you wish to speak at the seminar, please send an email to: omer@ee.technion.ac.il.


Time: Tuesdays @ 10:30
Location: 861 Meyer building (EE), see MAP.

Upcoming seminars:

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Below is the list of future events. Click on one to see more details. If you wish to add this calendar to your own, search for artopology.technion in your Google calendar.